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GT was at the cradle of in situ soil and groundwater remediation. Pour roots lay in 1975 in the USA and manufacturers of oil/water separating equipment ‘Oil Recovery Systems’. Increasing environmental awareness created a demand for in situ remediation. In 1979, GT, Inc was founded and the first in situ remediation projects were started.
GT started in The Netherlands June 1st, 1989, bringing 10 years of specialist knowhow.

Initial demand is low: the Netherlands market was focussed on excavation. Gradually, the advantages of in situ remediation caught-on. Early nineties, we started the first large in situ soil remediation in The Netherlands. In Situ remediation became widely accepted. GT is the oldest and most experienced in situ remediation firm in The Netherlands and expands in growing markets. GT’s staff are eager to tell you all about is.

Robert Heling

Project Manager and Co-owner

Solving soil issues: embedded in GT’s DNA

Yvo Veenis

CEO and Co-owner

Have seen GT maturing in The Netherlands!

Eric de Zeeuw

Project manager and co-owner

Cooperation spearheads excellent solutions