Our Markets

We deliver the best remedial solutions for every soil issue

GT ‘s activities encompass multiple disciplines. Our clients, large and small, range from governments, real estate developers and investors, (petrochemical) industries and consultants. Each market requires a specific combination of remedial techniques. As no two sites or contaminated soils are identical, no two GT remediations projects are identical. We deliver solutions, tailor made to your requirements.

Petrochemical industry

‘Business as usual’

Huge quantities of liquid chemicals pass through chemical industrial facilities. Our client’s primary interest is that soil remediation does not impact their daily business activities. We often combine the installation phase of a soil remediation with schedules maintenance or repair works. We start remediation later, integrated in regular daily business at the site. Our staff routinely works at petrochemical facilities and are trained in all safety procedures. Our clients in this segment are often well versed in site remediation and find our experts to be a professional partner.


‘ Reliable and transparent’

Government contracted remediation projects are usually cases where the polluter can no longer be held accountable. Such urban sites typically are very limited in space. Time is usually not a factor. Such sites are densely built-up and populated. We initiate timely communication with local residents. From experience, we know that providing timely, fair and factually correct information is essential to prevent nuisance. We select remedial options that do not need (permanent) equipment on site.

Real estate developers

‘business approach and cost guaranteed’

Costs of soil and groundwater contamination often are cumbersome and unknown in real estate development. Cost and time associated with remediation may be an obstacle to a successful real estate development.
We offer fixed-fee guaranteed remediation solutions, eliminating the financial uncertainties. We implement our remediation during the development phase, thus avoiding delays. Of course, we make sure that our remediation does not create nuisance to the residents.


‘Innovative and creative’

We are happy to make our 40 years of experience available to work with consultants in developing the most optimal solution. The consultants know their clients, understands their interests and is familiar with the position of the local regulators (and enforcers); we bring ample practical experience from many completed projects. We are familiar with the consulting process and are gladly support consultants in finding the best solution for their client.


‘no worries’

Soil remediation for industrial clients are very divers: the type of contamination, extent, type and size of business. Correct phasing of remediation projects is paramount: some cases require expeditious implementation of measures, in other cases time is no factor, but cost-control is paramount. If the clients so wishes, we implement turn key solutions, from the initial assessment to regulatory closure, which saves our client a lot of valuable time.

Other businesses

‘Tailor made diversity’

GT ’s clients range from the owner manned SME to major multinational corporation. Solutions for soil and groundwater issues are as divers and always tailored to the individual needs. Phasing in time often is crucially important. Some case require urgent action, others have abundant time available. If the clients so wishes, we implement turn key solutions, from the initial assessment to regulatory closure, which saves our client a lot of valuable time.