Robert Heling

Robert Heling

Co-owner since 2007 and project manager

I started my career in 1993 as superintendent water treatment at NBM Bodemsanering, a contractor specialized in soil and groundwater remediation. Managing a staff of 5-7 technicians, we had some 50-70- operational systems.


In these early days, I was involved in one of the first large-scale in situ remediation projects in The Netherlands, deploying ‘classic’ in situ techniques such as pump & treat, soil vapour extraction, air sparging and nutrient dosing. Special treasured memories from those years include emergency evacuation and safe-guarding equipment during the floods of 1995 & 1997, and Christmas eve in a deferrization unit in Bunnik.


In the wake of a series of take-overs and reorganizations, I was promoted to project manager. Later 2001 I left to work in the USA to take-up a position as environmental engineer with an environmental consulting firm on Long Island (NY) from 2002 to 2004. I designed landfill gas extraction systems with the hazardous waste department and supervised implementation of in situ remediation projects. Working in another country with a different culture, was very informative.


Upon returning to The Netherlands, working for a major, nationally operating, contractor or an environmental consultancy was not my desire. GT was one of my favourites: (specialist projects, not based on third-party technical specifications), a small organisation and the drive to solve soil issues which is embedded in the DNA of GT as environmental solution provider.