Yvo Veenis

Yvo Veenis

Following graduation in Geographical Hydrology at the Amsterdam Free University, I started my career as scientist at the Utrecht University. I researched inorganic pollutant fate & transport in deep aquifers.


In June 1989, I was hired as GT’s first and then only employee in The Netherlands. GT was growing explosively in her USA home market based on her developing in situ soil & groundwater remediation knowhow: site clean-up without excavation. From scratch to 1500 staff and US$ 150 million turn-over in a decade is truly explosive growth!


After the initial few weeks, I was given three clear assignments:

  1. Make a success out of the first Dutch project;
  2. Find an office (for lack of facilities, GT literally started in my home attic);
  3. Find more clients or you are fired!


GT was  a truly high-tech firm, so I was issued a slide-show for business promotion: some 1000 35mm slides and a real analogue projector. PowerPoint did not exist and WordPerfect was the norm in word-processing.


The Netherlands soil remediation market showed little confidence in in situ remediation, However, a track record of 10 years successful remediation in the USA convinced the major petrochemical companies. No-dig remediation means ‘business as usual, a very attractive proposition. The first pilot project were won and successfully implemented.


Even in the traditional dig & treat market, we got our ‘foot in the door’ by pioneering on-site soil treatment in Biopiles: engineered treatment cells to clean-up hydrocarbon contaminated soils. We were running Biopiles at nearly all refineries in The Netherlands and for the Royal Dutch Airforce at Gilze Rijen Air Base.


Traditionally, GT has always been open to suggestions for innovation from both external clients and our own staff. GT invests in the best innovative ideas. We have always kept that spirit of innovation alive, which shaped  GT into her current