Enjoys contributing to a safe and sustainable environment

An experienced team eager to work with you

Groundwater Technology was founded in 1979 in the US and began operations in the Netherlands in 1989. We operate as an independent specialist and work closely with engineering firms and infrastructure contractors in the Benelux and beyond. Our consultants, project managers and field staff all have extensive industry experience.


The need to develop new solutions or improve existing techniques is in our genes. We strive to solve issues effectively with modern tools and techniques. With this, we always want to be at the forefront of the market.


The subsurface is complex and each site unique. We believe it is important to indicate in each situation what is possible and the associated costs. Clear agreements and realistic results ensure long-term partnerships with our clients.


Groundwater Technology enjoys working toward a sustainable society. By removing or immobilizing subsurface contaminants, we make space for optimal use for new uses. We are not shifting the problems to the next generation that way. With the development of biological soil reinforcement, we are reducing the use of cement. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of new infrastructure.

Environmentally aware

Our employees are accustomed to operating in very different environments. Safety is obviously a top priority when carrying out activities. In addition, we make every effort to avoid nuisance to the environment at industrial complexes or in city centers.

Meet the team

Groundwater Technology employees can be found everywhere. At our office in Rotterdam, in the workshop, online in teams, in the research room or at one of the many sites in the Benelux where remediation is carried out.