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Groundwater Technology started in 1989 in The Netherlands. We are an independent specialist firm, operating in the Benelux and beyond. We seek to cooperate closely with consultants and contractors. Our consultants, project managers and field operatives are all highly qualified, experienced professionals.


The urge to continuously develop innovative solutions and improve existing technologies is in our genes. We aim to provide effective solutions to challenging issues using modern means and technologies. We consistently continue to be ahead of the rest of the market.


The subsoil is always complex, and every site is unique. It matters to us to be honest in every situation about what is realistically possible and the associated costs. Clear agreements on realistic remedial goals guarantee long lasting cooperative partnerships with our clients.


Groundwater Technology contributes to a sustainable society. Removing, degrading, or stabilizing subsoil contamination frees-up space for brownfield redevelopment. We do not aim to delay tackling contamination issues for the next generations. Our in situ biological soil stabilization reduces the need to use cement; thus, reducing the carbon footprint of developing new infrastructure.


Our staff is used to working in a wide range of situations. Safety is paramount to all our activities. We always strive to minimize nuisance to urban environments, residents and aim for ‘business as usual’ at industrial facilities.

Meet the team

Groundwater Technology team: experienced and seasoned solution providers.