Groundwater Technology: specialists in soil and groundwater remediation


We design and implement sustainable solutions tailored to site usage.

About us

Welcome at Groundwater Technology. We conceive, design, and implement soil and groundwater remediation projects. Done that for more than 30 years. Groundwater Technology is active in The Netherlands and abroad.

Being an independent solution provider, most of our remediation sites are at industrial sites or in historic inner cities. Our experts create solutions for both historic as well as recent spills, tailored to current regulations and local perspective.

We utilize similar subterraneous technologies to improve soil geotechnical properties. Improving these properties to significant depths can solve civil engineering challenges.

Soil consulting

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Tailor made consulting and research facilities at hand.

Groundwater Remediation

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Cost effective removal of stabilization of migrating contaminants

Soil Remediation

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Combining multiple technologies to deliver results.

Bio inspired soil improvement

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Sustainable improving geotechnical soil properties

Stay up to date on the latest developing technologies?


At Groundwater Technology, we conceive, design, and implement soil and groundwater remediation projects.

Why GT?

Groundwater Technology provides the right solution to your specific issues.

Groundwater Technology provides the best solution for your issues. We implement efficient projects within and outside of the Benelux based on our own research facilities and our close co-operation with top universities, both domestic and overseas. We work closely with local subcontractors and consultants in all kinds of local circumstances.

Cost effective

Tailoring and integrating the correct remedial technologies to the site’s activities help to minimize costs. Our flexible attitude makes it work!

Taking care

Our consultants are well versed in your local regulations. Upfront, they are frank about required actions and anticipated results.


We continuously innovate to provide a broad suite of ever better technologies, rather than specializing in one single approach.

Seasoned team

Groundwater Technology’s services come from a team of highly experienced professionals who pack a vast array of practical professional experience.

Good cooperation

Our top priority is to cooperate effectively with our clients and their longstanding partners.

Social involvement

We care about our project’s social impact; we reduce nuisance and contribute to achieving environmental goals by providing sustainable and socially aware solutions.

Geographical spread?

We operate in the Benelux and abroad, implementing projects for various clients.


Facilitating new urban developments and new forms of site use by treating historic contamination.

Petrochemical industry

Thorough familiarity with site specific safety rules allows us to integrate remediating historic and new remediation projects with business-as-usual

Project development

Interactively fine-tuning remediation to site redevelopment; from plan to turn-key implementation.


Small and large industry benefits from our solutions for their long-time spills.

Infrastructure contractors

We partner with contractors in infrastructural works, providing solutions for soil issues (contamination as well as geotechnical).

Our projects

We proudly showcase several recently completed projects, selected from the many projects undertaken since our founding, presenting an overview of our activities.

A selection of our clients