Bio Inspired Soil Improvement


Sustainable improving geotechnical soil properties, no excavation, working with nature.

Innovative concepts

Urbanization pressures cause increasing traffic on roads, rail tracks and water ways. Soil stability, designed for past traffic density, fails to meet current demands, leading to subsiding roads and failing quays. Track speed is curtailed as bedding stability cannot sustain the increasing loads of heavier and faster trains.

Demands caused by increasing use of our lands requires innovative solutions, Environmental impact, circularity, and sustainability are increasingly incorporated in our frame of mind.

Groundwater Technology continues to create innovative ways to render soils suitable for intended use, combining our track record and experience in managing subterranean biology, engineering, chemistry, and geotechnics. This led to our new concept of Bio-Inspired Soil Improvement (BISI).

Improving subsoil

We use natural soil biology to improve the subsoil. We focus on the geotechnical properties of the soil, stability of the sand foundations underneath a road or rail track, side slopes of an excavation or earthquake damage susceptibility. We continue to discover innovative ways to exploit the vast potential of soil microbial life. We are experts in managing microbial processes in the soil through advanced logistics in transporting amendments & bacteria to the desired location.

Soil stability

Soft microbiology produces rock solid, sustainable, and circular results The technology driving this.

Quays and embankments

Timely BISI deployment can prevent damage to quays and embankments.

Vibrations dampened

Bio-cemented soils reduces transmission of vibration. Micro gas bubbles actively adsorb the propagation of vibrations.


Micro airbags absorb the quakes while naturally formed biocement binds the grains together.


Micro airbags absorb the quakes while naturally formed biocement binds the grains together.

Dust Control

A minor add-on in the water truck stabilizes windblown sands.