Quays and shore constructions


Increasing life span of very old quays

Quays age centuries, our traffic is modern

Quays often separate intensely used land roads and even intensely used water ways. The weight of roads and traffic increases, thus increasing the load on queys. More traffic on the water causes localized powerful flows, where propellers of manoeuvring ships or the suction of passing vessels impact quays.

Quays were never designed to deal with such issues, which leads to damage and possibly catastrophic failure.

Natural solutions for quays

BISI offers multiple solutions:

  • A light cementation increases the coherence of the sand behind the quay construction. Sand can no longer wash away through inevitable cracks and small openings in the construction. This prevents the formation of sink holes behind the quays.
  • More cementation may effect constructive strength in the sand, better distributing the dynamic loading of traffic over the quay construction. BISI based stabilization brings major advantages, including less nuisance, more sustainable and less impact on valuable city trees.

Natural solutions for foundations

Historic city quays often are built on wooden pilings that were driven into the soil, resting on deeper solid sand layers. Groundwater Technology can aim BISI based solutions at the piling foundations in the sand, thus increasing the load-bearing capacity by a factor of (up to) 5.


Increasing load bearing stability using BISI brings major advantages:

  • It is a natural process, using only natural amendments;
  • We apply amendments dissolved in water; we do not need to inject under pressure, which may jeopardise the sand stability at the piling;
  • We created little or no nuisance to traffic or other users of the quays or adjacent water ways.
  • We can apply BISI technologies very close to, and underneath, root systems of old and valuable city trees.


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Pilotproeven in het lab

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