Integrating with infrastructure and redevelopment


Soil remediation is typically not a stand-alone project, but often part of redevelopment or new construction.

Integrated approach

Whether it is a hamlet or a major city, a nature reserve or an industrial site, we understand the risks and best practices for each setting and any contaminant. Groundwater Technology staff has the expertise required to assist our clients in every phase of remediation, from assessment up to and including implementing the remediation. We can take care of demolition and final new site lay-out.

Soil remediation as part of infrastructural development

Nowadays, soil & groundwater remediation projects are an integral part of site or real estate development and rarely stand-alone. Dealing with contaminated land is merged into other planned site activities. Groundwater Technology supports our clients and infrastructure contractors in integrating remediation with construction. Project requirements, including regulatory demand, are met while financial resources are effectively deployed.

Development of a contaminated site

Good housing development sites are rare while demand for residential properties remains high. Repurposing industrial sites, often brownfields near urban centres, offer a possible solution. There are many challenges to urban brownfield redevelopment, including issue as market demand, value optimization, correct approach towards regulators, clients and residents. Zoning plans may require change, which should be managed closely as this could jeopardize the budget, particularly at contaminated sites.

Groundwater Technology supports project developers and regulators in property redevelopment and knows where opportunities and risk hide. We develop remedial solutions match site-specific requirements in close interaction with the developer.