Application of substrate and air facilitates degradation


Enhanced Biodegradation

(Anaerobic and aerobic)

Enhanced biodegradation

Most organic soil pollutants are biodegradable. Natural contaminant degrading micro-organisms are ubiquitous in soils. In enhanced biodegradation, Groundwater Technology creates optimal conditions for biodegradation by eliminating growth-limiting factors.

Enhanced anaerobic degradation

Availability of nutrients and/or micro-organisms usually limit natural biodegradation rates. We eliminate such limiting factors by applying nutrients and/or micro-organisms. This technique can be used in soil below the groundwater level.

Our nutrients are often based on natural products or are taken from by-products from food processing industries. We optimize applications on a site-specific basis. This limits environmental impact of our remediation projects and enhances sustainability.

Enhanced aerobic biodegradation

Enhancing aerobic biodegradation is based on eliminating oxygen limitations in the soil by injecting a source of oxygen and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphate. These techniques can be deployed above and below the groundwater level. Multiple techniques are available to introduce oxygen into the soil, including soil vapour extraction, air sparging, multi-phase extraction or application of oxygen releasing compounds.