Excavation followed by pump & treat


Source zone excavation and repositioning less contaminated material

Soil remediation

Soil remediation attracted wide political and public interest when contaminated ground underneath a residential zone in the town of Lekkerkerk required excavation. Excavation brings many advantages: it is quick to implement, and results are guaranteed within the excavated volume.

Contaminated soil removal

Groundwater Technology frequently implements soil remediation projects. Pit dewatering is often required for ‘dry’ excavation. We start with source zone removal. In situ technologies, such as enhanced biodegradation, may be applied to address residual contamination.

Soil management plan

We often prepare soil management plans for redevelopment sites. This plans all interactions with contaminated shallow soils, from start (excavation) to completion (repositioning on site, off-site treatment & disposal or in situ treatment). In close consultation with our clients, we create cost-effective solutions.

We also may opt to excavate and condition the soil on site by mixing in amendments that will lead to contaminant degradation after backfilling the soil into the excavation.