On-site biopiling soil treatment


Treating large quantities of soil at sites with plenty of space

On-site soil treatment

On site soil treatment can save cost when time & space are available. At large industrial sites, biopiling is a good option to treat contaminated soils from all sorts of excavations, small and large, to create a buffer of treated soil, ready to be used at moment’s notice in the next excavation project.

Biopiling suites biodegradable contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile mono-aromatics and naphthalene. Residual concentrations, attainable within an economically viable time span, depend on soil properties and initial concentrations.

The right mix of conditions

A suitable facility is created on site. Nutrients are applied to the soil, which is placed in the facility with sufficient aeration and dewatering drains. Proper management of aeration & moisture facilitates optimal biodegradation. The process generates heat, which with careful management of ventilation, enhances the biotreatment efficiency. After successful treatment, the soil is available for re-use at the site.

Conditioning and refilling

Some sites lack space or time for on-site biopiling. An alternative approach would be ‘in-situ biopiling’ where contaminated soil is excavated, conditioned and replaced while aeration and moisture management facilities are installed. Biodegradation then is implemented in-situ.