Brownfield redevelopment


facilitates high-value re-use of scarce space

Integrating redevelopment & remediation

Soil & groundwater remediation frequently is a prerequisite to brownfield redevelopment. Groundwater Technology supports real estate developers and infrastructural contractors by integrating soil & groundwater remediation with property redevelopment. This helps to effectively deploy financial resources to meet the demands posed by planned future land use.

Demolition and removing underground facilities

We work together with demolition contractors to carefully remove derelict buildings and underground facilities. Working with the demolition contractor, we work to integrate the order of removal with soil & groundwater remediation. We ensure that underground tanks are removed and destroyed following correct procedures.

Remediation before, during and after new construction

Source zones frequently require removal, while residual, less contaminated, soil may be left underneath new developments or could be repositioned within the facility. New site layout helps to limit exposure hazards to accepted levels. Underground remediation facilities can be installed integrated in the new construction to facilitate long term in situ remediation while construction continues uninterrupted.