Optimizing conditions causes degradation


Enhanced biodegradation (aerobic & anaerobic)

Stimulating biodegradation

Most organic contaminants in groundwater are biodegradable. Micro-organisms capable of biodegrading contaminants are typically ubiquitous.

Enhanced anaerobic degradation

Some contaminants, including chlorinated solvents, are biodegradable under anaerobic conditions: no oxygen present. Availability of nutrients is typically the rate-limiting factor. We developed multiple mixtures of amendments to optimize degradation. Our nutrients come from natural sources or are based on food-production by-products. This leads to sustainable solutions with low environmental impact. This technique can be deployed below the groundwater table.

Enhanced aerobic biodegradation

Many compounds, including most petroleum hydrocarbons, are aerobically biodegradable. We aim to create optimal conditions, deploying soil vapour extraction, air sparging, multiple-phase extraction of injection of oxygen releasing compounds. Some of these techniques are exclusively deployed below groundwater level, others are limited to vadose zone use.