Zero Valent Iron injection causes degradation


Chemical reduction

Chemical Reduction

In situ chemical reduction on zero valent iron enhances remedial processes. We use a proprietary mix of organic substrates and zero-valent iron that creates both enhanced biodegradation as well as chemical degradation. This method gives quick results while longevity keeps costs down. We have been deploying this technology since 2008.

Direct injections

We frequently use direct injection to introduce amendments into the subsoil. We push injectors to the desired depth and inject through nozzles at the tip. The amendments spread in groundwater. We create an even distribution by injecting om a dense grid. The injectors are removed after injection; nothing remains visible at the surface.

Reactive barriers

A reactive barrier is a zone where the amendments are injected. Groundwater flow carries the contaminants into the reactive barrier, where they are degraded. Treated water exits the barrier. We deploy reactive barriers in multiple ways and up to significant depths.