Groundwater flushing leads to removal


Pump & Treat

Groundwater flushing

Pump & treat is ‘the classic’ remediation technique. Groundwater is extracted through recovery wells, carrying dissolved contamination. Concentrations drop with every volume flushed. Extracted water is treated and disposed. Pump & treat is often very time consuming. At Groundwater Technology, we determine the most efficient pump & treat strategy based on groundwater and contaminant transport & fate modelling.

Vertical extraction

Extraction wells can be installed to any depth; installation is manual or using a drill rig. We carefully select an extraction technique (submerged pump, skimming, scavenger, multi-fluid, vacuum) based on site specific conditions and contaminant concentrations and properties. Well type, material, diameter & slot size are also carefully designed based on project specific data.

Horizontal extraction

Some situations requiring remediation are unsuitable for vertical well remediation. We have many options available to install horizontal wells, from simple trench-excavation to highly advanced precise direction controlled horizontal drilling over hundreds of meters. Well selection is again based on the project specific details and may range from simple plastic groundwater drainage pipe to high quality stainless steel continuous slotted ‘Johnson well screen’ type wells.

Extraction systems also vary widely, from simple sumps with level-controlled pumps to highly automated remote controlled extraction systems.


Water infiltration can be used to enhance groundwater flow and speed-up remediation. Adding nutrients will support in situ degradation. We use both vertical and horizontal wells for infiltration.