Assessment, consulting and management of remediation at former coal gasification works site – The Hague


Smart assessment

Project description

A project developer approaches Groundwater Technology, seeking consulting services on implementing a remediation project at a former coal gasification works site in The Hague. A new remediation plan has been drafted.

Situation and approach

We initiate a site assessment focused on determining migration and exposure hazards. Based on smart assessments, regulators were convinced that no migration risks remained. Therefore, the scope could be significantly reduced, leading to major cost savings.

Groundwater Technology approach

Our assessment demonstrated that a plume of PAH, TPH and aromatics in one of the source zones shrunk over time in concentrations and size. Cyanide contamination was demonstrated to be limited to low-mobility cyanide complexes only and the thiocyanate plume had detached from its source.

Based on these results, Groundwater Technology drafted a new remediation plan which was based solely on repositioning contaminated soils within the site and constructing a clean top layer. We tuned the plan to the phased planning of site development and came up with three partial remediation plans.