Soil remediation Feijenoord Coal Gasification Works, Rotterdam


Contractual teamwork

Soil vapour extraction. Multi-phase extraction and air sparging

Project description

Soil remediation is part of urban development at the former Feijenoord coal gasification works site in Rotterdam-South. The City of Rotterdam selected Groundwater Technology as their partner for addressing deep contamination

Situation and approach

Earlier coal gasification works caused soil contamination. A civil contractor excavated shallow contaminated soil. Groundwater Technology won the tender for the teaming contract for deep remediation.

Groundwater Technology activities

In the project team, we are responsible for design, implementation and operation of the in-situ remediation system. We implement multiple remedial technologies, including soil vapour extraction, multi-phase extraction and air sparging. All equipment is placed in two concrete cellars, placed entirely below grade, underneath the public park. We eliminate possible nuisance to park visitors by installing all water treatment in nearby car garages.

The Mallegat park was completed and opened to the general public. Remediation started in 2016, completion is anticipated for late 2021. Unique to project is that, after completion of installation, the entire site is open to the general public: kids are playing soccer & other games, while their parents can be seen enjoying a summer BBQ ‘in the middle’ of a fully operational in situ remediation.