Consulting services


Based on hands-on experience


At Groundwater Technology, our clients pose a wide array of soil related questions. Often, our client has a set of site assessment reports spanning multiple years. With a keen eye on future site use, we quickly present a complementary outline of steps required. We base our tailor-made consulting services on many years of experience and knowhow on soil and groundwater assessment as well as our vast practical experience in implementing remedial solutions.

Integral approach

We can implement integrated projects based on our specialist’s multi-facetted knowhow, from initial assessment to regulatory closure of remediation. When necessary, we can call upon a network of external experts. This leads to an efficient project execution and cost savings for our clients.

Often, we work with consulting firms and civil contractors as nowadays most remediation projects are a portion of a comprehensive, integrated, approach.

Environmental site assessment

We engineer project execution, from assessment to detailed design.

Pilot in our laboratory

We operate testing facilities to verify proposed solutions in our laboratory before full scale application.

Integrating with infrastructure and property development

Nowadays, soil & groundwater remediation projects are an integral part of site or real estate development and rarely stand-alone.