Groundwater Contamination


Mobile contaminant removal or degradation in deep & shallow groundwater.

Mobility contaminants

Hazardous chemicals can migrate to enormous areas and great depths in aquifers. Sources of such migration, creating plumes of kilometres length, include leaking sewers, old tar pits and incidental spills. Potable water well proximity is likely to mandate corrective measures. Frequently, excavation-related dewatering must be implemented in contaminated groundwater.

Tailored techniques

Multiple technologies serve well to address soil and groundwater contamination simultaneously. Typically, at Groundwater Technology we deploy separate techniques for source zone remediation and for plume clean-up. We can remediate contaminated groundwater in-situ (no excavation), or we may elect to pump, treat & infiltrate (or dispose elsewhere) groundwater.

Injection of nutrient substrate causes degradation

Injection of zero valent iron causes degradation

Pump & treat removes contaminants

Monitored Natural Attenuation

Fixation in soil

Air injection causes removal