Soil remediation


We remediate historic and recent contamination effectively. We clear environmental risks to render your site suitable for new activities.

Soil remediation

Groundwater Technology implements multiple methods and technologies. Our selection is based on site, type and concentration of contamination, site use and – of course – our client’s preferences. We can implement in situ remediation as well as excavation. Our solutions often combine multiple technologies.

In situ soil remediation

Technologies to remove contamination without excavation pack many advantages.

We limit nuisance to site users and residents to a minimum while keeping the site open for regular use (‘Business as usual for industry, we even remediate underneath a public park while open to the general public). Costs for in situ remediation often are substantially less than for excavation and could be spread over a substantially longer period. Groundwater Technology has specialists in all remedial techniques to develop the best possible solution (often including multiple technologies).


Chemical Reduction

Chemical Oxidation

Free Phase Recovery

Physical removal

Soil heating

Excavation of contaminated soil, demolition, and property redevelopment

Contaminated soil is excavated in a short period of time and transported to a registered soil treatment facility.

When time and space permit, bio-piling can treat the soil on site. We excavate and condition the contaminated soil, which is subsequently placed in an on-site treatment facility. Treated soil is reused on site.

We can excavate contaminated soil and condition this soil for treatment by adding amendments. Amended soil is replaced in the excavation. Contaminant degradation occurs in situ.

Excavation followed by groundwater remediation


Demolition, Remediation and property development